Sports Nutrition / Weight-Loss / Fitness Coach

It only made sense…  who wanna be coached by me?

After teaching dance for 20 years, being a physical theater specialist, working as a choreographer and movement director for theater productions worldwide, having done some circus / aerial and screen fighting as a performer… and having done research diet and fitness in-depth for my own practice in the last 3 years… time to share something that’s bigger than me!

I screamed NO from the top of my lungs when people asked me if I would take this new found passion (weightlifting / bodybuilding / fitness / nutrition) to another level other than it just being a hobby…

I can now officially call myself a fitness coach and nutrition coach (sports nutrition / weight loss) 

My upcoming programs will take place online, with a focus on COMPASSION + MINDFULNESS + MINDSET in the fields of nutrition and movement

My programs will not be your typical diet and workout plan

In addition to using science-based methods leading to results… it will ALSO lead you on a path of self-discovery and self-reflection

Be ready for TRANSFORMATIVE LIFE-LESSONS to unfold when working with me 

My upcoming online programs will be heavily influenced by my life as a mindfulness practitioner (Tibetan Buddhism, meditation, mantra chanting, Bhakti Yoga, shamanism, movement as healing, the power of journaling), and my background as an artist (dance, physical theater)

I am eager to serve, support, inspire:

  • dancers and creatives struggling with nutrition / energy levels / body image / workouts 
  • women over 30 struggling with weight-los
  • women who want to lift weights but are too scared to do so
  • people who want to finally find a JOYFUL way to stick to a diet and a workout plan

Remember… I used to hate the gym! I lost total control of my body in my 30s, and was desperate to loose weight… after trying everything under the sun, crying for years seeing no results, I ended up having a physical breakdown at the gym… 

From desperation to liberation, I am now 20kg lighter, keeping the weight OFF, feeling energized, and doing chin ups / pulls ups!!! I am the fittest I have ever been!!! 

Let me share the journey with you, so you too can fly high 

More news and more qualifications to come soon. Meanwhile… follow, share and give my new IG page some love:

Instagram: eatandtrain_withcindy

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