Workshops & International Leadership Programs

1. Physical Theatre, Acting in English and Dance Storytelling

My workshops are eye-opening experiences made of Dance, Movement, Physical Theatre, and Text. An authentic discovery of your own personal artistic voice.  A workshop where intermediate, advanced & professional talents develop both their performance and theatre making skills. Both the performer’s authenticity and the understanding of the director’s vision, are at the core of all my workshops, and walk hand in hand.

Workshops are for artists from all backgrounds: dancers, actors, performers of all backgrounds, and storytellers of all kinds.

I coached theatre makers, dance artists and actors internationally: UK, USA, Jamaica, Venezuela, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, etc. In addition to building my own educational programs and being invited as a guest teacher for masterclasses in several countries across the world, I was also a Dance Lecturer at Kingston University in London, and I have been teaching for the British Council in Caracas / Venezuela. During the summer of 2011, I was one of the guest teachers for the summer intensives at Edna Manley College in Kingston / Jamaica for their dance program. In 2021 I will be a part of the teaching team of Estudio Di Pace in Madrid / Spain, and teach Physical Theatre workshops as well as Acting In English intensives.

Through my workshop programs I always aim to leave a legacy of leadership amongst the participants. These workshops allow artists not only to tap into their inner power as performers, but it also frees the heart to dream big again and clarify how artists want to contribute to society. The structure of the workshop allows artists to truly find their own voice and put their higher purpose into motion.

2. International leadership programs

Building leaders in the sector & empowering citizens of the world

My mission is to build citizens of the world through the arts. I believe street dance cultures have many leaders within their communities. Full of ideas, dancers, actors, theatre makers and choreographers are hungry to bring positive change into the world, but just need access to the tools, and know-how of how to translate their big dreams into actions.

The international dance exchanges are about learning to dream big again and see what’s possible. It supports visionaries with implementing their actions plans.

Programs are based on world citizenship, communication and collaboration across cultures. The workshop programs encourage participants to take responsibility for their creative outputs, embrace their leadership skills, and be a champion in the field they choose to make a change to.

The program nurtures a mindset of how to create win-win situations. Artists are taken on a journey to articulate their own voice and purpose.

It all started with dance theatre exchanges between the Krump community in Los Angeles and London, followed by Trinidad & Tobago, exchanges between Dancehall dancers and Europe, a teaching experience in Venezuela (British Council) and collaborations with Stepping Master in the USA (Howard University and The American Theatre in Chicago).

With an MA in Sociology in my back pocket, my unstoppable fountain of energy, and my drive to connect artists globally, I set up unique international dance theatre exchanges, which have been life changing for 100’s and 100’s of artists across the globe.

In 2014/2015, I launched my flagship leadership program: 1000 Pieces Puzzle. An international training program where artists train with various leaders and pioneers in the dance and theatre sector, and get support to set up their own projects / events / companies / productions. It is a transformational program which also build community internationally as all participants train / perform and exchange skills with international peers.

Developing Citizens of the world as well as Artists of the world, I use dance theatre as a platform for exchange, debate and growth. My international dance exchanges enable diverse voices to be heard and nurture leadership within various street dance communities.

My mantra is that reality starts with a dream. Through the arts, I encourage all to dream big and take actions upon their dreams.  My educational programs aim to support individuals to blossom and embrace their full potential as human beings.

1000 Pieces Puzzle – DOCUMENTARY

Dancehall Theatre Exchange program Jamaica/UK

1000PP from the point of view of the participants

1000 Pieces Puzzle UK/Belgium

Teaching in Caracas / Venezuela


“In choice there is power. And with power there is responsibility. This quote was in my head all day today! Man, I had the most amazing time and learnt so much, felt so happy to be amongst you all! I’m truly blessed to have shared the experience with you all.” – Tyrone

“Cindy helped me to develop my art in a completely different way but without sacrificing my inner voice.” – Alejandro

“Cindy has proven that she is a key into unlocking potential in others. Her experience and knowledge creates a perfect mentor for people like myself.” – Laurence

“Cindy explodes with her enthusiasm for connecting dance with a purpose.” – Rosie

“Phenomenal Woman, Mentor, Creator and Artist. Really cares about the development of aspiring artists.” – Shanelle

“What an inspiring, open and warm hearted journey we have all had these past few weeks. (…) a massive thank you to all you artists who have inspired and increased my love for the future of dance theatre work. We are the next generation, let’s not stop this connection we’ve all had and keep networking and building new projects, opportunities, collaborations etc. This is just the beginning!!” – Jumar

“A day that encompasses the knowledge, teachings and experience at 1000 Pieces Puzzle, is a day to go down in history as a student in dance, art, business and life. I am inspired to a level I cannot truly put in to words. The learning went beyond the studio. The exchanges went beyond the dance. The inspiration went beyond the words. The benefits went beyond the 5 days. The 5 days went beyond any expectations. Truly challenged. Truly humbled. Truly inspired. Truly grateful.” – Jaye

“Working with Cindy has been one of the biggest turning points for me as an artist, and one of my biggest inspirations in the dance world. Cindy is truly a unique and special treasure in the dance industry.” – Daniel

“I developed a new outlook on my surroundings as an artist, and have new goals for my future projects.” – Nico

“Having the absolute best time on #1000PiecesPuzzle – starting to find that love again for what I do which I (genuinely) thought was long gone. The amount I’ve learnt about myself over this project is overwhelming. I’m reevaluating everything with the new ideas/concepts/knowledge I’ve been given and openly shared. Spending 2 weeks with you all has done wonders for me. This project has been THE BEST project I have ever been part of since I started dance for so many reasons.” – Dan

“1000 Pieces Puzzle… Hands down the best dance experience I have ever had. I say ‘dance experience’, but it was so much more than that. I learned so much that has already, & will continue to, aid me in my career. However I also learned a hell of a lot about myself.” – Elsa

“Cindy is great and encouraging always! Working with her in the short time has opened my eyes to see things differently from a creative perspective. Allowing myself to be challenged and step out of comfort zones. She is a great mentor and creative artist and I am blessed to have been able to cross paths with her.” – Michael

“I am incredibly grateful for the program. I can’t put it to words. I just got 3 funding applications approved, giving me a budget of 9000 euro to work with on 3 different projects. Today, I also got offered a professionally paid job as a choreographer soon. I was also offered two performances dates and a residency for my own work. During this, a whole panel of judges, programmers, bookers, … will come and watch. I am launched now. You made me so ready and secure, with the whole program, but mostly, your specific coaching. It’s an insane feeling I am having now. Can’t even begin to describe. I couldn’t fully grasp that the effect would happen so soon and so much before and during the program. But really Cindy, thanks for giving me the knowledge, skills and also support to kick me to get me here. It’s the first time ever I feel good about everything, even about things that are going bad. I lost almost all fear. And I never thought this day would ever come, let alone all in the same day. You are really forever the best thing that ever crossed my path. Thanks so much. Really. Don’t know how I ever would be able to give back what you’ve done for me, but I am trying to live up to it.” – Evelyne

A day in the 1000 Pieces Puzzle Program – MINI-DOCUSERIES