Screen Actress

I perform in English, Spanish, French and Dutch.

Diving deep into the world of characters, their belief systems, is what makes the work of an actor incredibly interesting. 

It is a journey of non-judgement and compassion towards others, putting our talent, tears and sweat at the service of telling stories that matter.

You will see me in “Daniela Forever”, coming out in 2024. I had a lead role in the movement film “One Man Walking” by Channel 4 in the UK, and worked for many years with Gbemisola Ikumelo in London.

After focussing my whole life on theatre-making and live performances, and after training at the International School of Theatre of Jacques Lecoq… a little voice in my heart started leading me towards screen acting. I explored the Chubbuck technique with Frank Feys in Barcelona, and Michael Chekhov with acting coach Victoria Di Pace in Madrid.

My interest started growing. The artistic research of how to apply all my previous knowledge to camera work became more and more exciting.

Coming from a strong movement background, I also started to explore how to use movement for the camera. While my physical theatre training helped me to find the physicality of the characters, the dream was to get ready for action movies. So, I trained with weapons with Escenas de Accion in Madrid, and attend weekly screen fighting classes with LK Stunts Academy. I am currently training intensively in Krav Maga.

On top of speaking 4 languages, it is the search to communicate beyond language through any medium that keeps my artistic soul alive.

Here are a few extracts and scenes of my recent work as a screen actress.


VIDEO BOOK: English / French / Spanish / Dutch






Poetic Dancer…

Movement and commercials